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Journalists get online for freelance happiness

Self-isolating? New to freelancing? Time to get your site on!

By Jude Love

The best time to get your site happening is now. Journos Get Online can help you with a great looking, SEO sweetened website that is fast to build and easy to manage. Having recently seen the sad departure of another great, independent news source, AAP, you know the content-hungry news industry is looking for freelancers…

Case studies - explain your decisions tell your story

Case studies – explain your decisions, solve clients problems

By Jude Love

A case study should do more than explain what you wrote for a client. By telling a story that takes the reader through your decisions and the transformation this delivered, you’ll stand out and win more work. HONE YOUR SKILLS FOR CLIENT CONVERSATIONS, INTERVIEWS, YOUR PITCH So, you’re talking with a client and they ask…

Your about page - a template

Attracting your best client with your ‘About’ page

By Jude Love

Your ‘About’ page pitches to your niche. Be specific about what you do, who you do it for, what change you make in your clients’ lives and why you do it means that every time you pitch, you’ll be talking directly to your best clients and establishing your authority and expertise in that niche. Specify…

Rachel Smith for Rachels list Australias leading media jobs board

Rachel Smith on freelance success and Australia’s leading media jobs board

By Jude Love

Journalist, copywriter and content producer, Rachel Smith is the founder of Rachel’s List. This immensely useful resource was the best kept secret in the media freelance arsenal before it was launched online in 2012. It is now Australia’s leading jobs board for the media, digital, PR and comms industries. Rachel spoke to JournosGetOnline about life…

Kate Toon copywriter

CopyCon 2019: incredibles, insatiables and an inflatable.

By Jude Love

Good conferences are essential fuel for a small business. Well run, they’re delicious. CopyCon 2019 was a banquet. The gifted and talented brainchild of the incredible, insatiable and immensely knowledgeable copywriting community creator, Kate Toon,  CopyCon is held annually (although in hiatus in current form in 2020). It’s a weekend of talks, information, entertainment, masterclasses,…

Extend your network with a perfect pitch

Pitch perfect

By Jude Love

In an increasingly competitive market, it helps to reach the right clients for your talents. Your pitch tells your story and helps qualify clients. It will always be a work in progress and will change depending on who you’re talking to: a quick chat at a party, an interview or networking event requires a different…

Be Productive. Not Busy

Don’t let your monkey steer the car

By Jude Love

PRODUCTIVITY IS DOING LESS ‘BUSY’ AND ACHIEVING MORE DO YOU FIND YOU ARE ALWAYS ‘DOING’ but don’t actually get things done? If so, you might just be ‘busy’ not ‘productive’. Busy is doing things, productivity is getting things done. When you’re productive, you do less, achieve more. We’ve been conditioned to be busy, partly by our…

Blog content types and how easy it is to use them

Blog types for easy content creation

By Jude Love

EFFORTLESS BLOG CREATION All the shortcuts in the world won’t beat persistent and consistent content delivery, but it’s ok to build some shortcuts into your process. These blog creation types are here to help when the muse may be on holidays, or just resting in the corner with a hang-ache. 1. The LIST Who hasn’t…

how to become a website copywriter with journos get online

How to become a content writer for websites

By Jude Love

Every business needs well crafted copy and journalists know how to write craft copy that engages interest. Google rewards sites for readable content that keeps people on the site (like a circle in a spiral and a wheel within a wheel). So, when you‘re not writing a Walkley* winner, how do you make a name…

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