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Journalists get online with a great site

Responsive sites – why these are so important

By Jude Love

It’s likely you already know that the majority of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.This is particularly relevant as voice search becomes the most popular type of query. Your site must be optimised for mobile and tablet view, with active, easy to see and access phone and email contact points. A responsive site will…

Careplans for posts

What is a care plan and why do I need to pay an ongoing cost?

By Jude Love

What’s  in a care plan and why is there a monthly cost after build? After your site is built, we have to make sure your site stays secure and safe against malware and hacks, so we ask all clients to sign up for a care plan – this covers hosting and software updates and we’ll…

Journalists extend your reach with LinkedIn

Work your LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal clients

By Jude Love

You’re online now and you’re working toward stabilising your business. The next step is a consistent sales and prospect funnel. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking location. Your LinkedIn profile is usually the first result that comes up when you are googled. Your profile needs to establish your expertise so you can reach out…

Journos get online and find your niche

Your ideal client

By Jude Love

As a journalist, you’re skilled in writing to a specialism – a ‘beat’. This is an essential, transferable skill for your business. If you’re able to identify your ideal client, you’re better placed for SEO, to research where your clients are hanging out online, what are their needs, what is their language and who they…

Journalists get online and get a better business

Focus your intentions and kick some goals

By Jude Love

BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOURSELF: WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN Write down what you want to achieve this week, this month, this year, this business – for many of us, it’s only by getting these things down physically and diarising to make them happen, that intentions are achieved. Like self accountability, it’s a good way to avoid…

SEO for journalists and content writers

SEO for journalists and content writers – an overview

By Jude Love

SEO is a mix of having a site that works well, a great user experience, and strong copy that does incorporate keywords, but more importantly, speaks to the audience it’s intended for and best answers the query that user has put into google. Journalists are best placed for SEO copywriting. You know how to write…

Journalists get online with marketing that stands out

Why do I need marketing?

By Jude Love

You’ve got your site, your contact form, your work is great and you’re ready to roll but that phone just isn’t ringing off the hook. What next? You need to be found, right at the time clients are looking for what you do. You need marketing that will bring visits to site, and convert them…

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