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Self-isolating? New to freelancing? Time to get your site on!

Journalists get online for freelance happiness

The best time to get your site happening is now. Journos Get Online can help you with a great looking, SEO sweetened website that is fast to build and easy to manage. Having recently seen the sad departure of another great, independent news source, AAP, you know the content-hungry news industry is looking for freelancers…

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Photo resource sites

Journos get online with graphics

WHY USE PHOTOS: Adding colour and interest to your site with photos is a great idea, but tricky if you’re a wordsworth and you’ve always had a good photo editor to back up your story. We’ve designed the JGOL sites to be graphically strong, so photos need not play such a huge role. Additionally, beaver…

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How much does a website cost and what is its value?

How much does a website cost

This is a version of a post originally published on our sister site:  Love Communications.  WHAT’S IN A WEBSITE BUILD It’s never been easier to get a website up and running, but it still requires expertise and understanding of user experience and technical requirements. It’s also never been a more saturated market, for any business or…

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Photo Brief: getting you ready for your closeup

Journalists look good online with a photo brief

Humans hire humans. So, it’s important to have a good photograph. Professional photographs are an essential part of your toolkit. A strong, well shot image is useful for your LinkedIn profile, your resume, great for business cards. Including them makes your work stand out from the crowd. Images needed for the JournosGetOnline sites should, ideally, be…

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WordPress Training

Journalists get online with wordpress training.

Easy management of your site and a useful skill for a content creator We’ll give you the car keys to your great looking journosgetonline site, so you’ll need to know the accelerator from the windscreen wipers. We’ll teach you about wordpress and show you through how to update content. We’ll install ‘video user manuals’ on…

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Hosting – why wordpress specialist hosting is essential

Journalists get online with hosting

Not all hosting is created equal. With journosgetonline, your site will be hosted on dedicated wordpress hosting. There’s nothing our hosting provider doesn’t know about keeping wordpress sites safe and keeping their servers running smoothly so your site is delivered quickly and efficiently, no matter how much media you have on your site [your 18…

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Responsive sites – why these are so important

Journalists get online with a great site

It’s likely you already know that the majority of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.This is particularly relevant as voice search becomes the most popular type of query. Your site must be optimised for mobile and tablet view, with active, easy to see and access phone and email contact points. A responsive site will…

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What is a care plan and why do I need to pay an ongoing cost?

Careplans for posts

What’s  in a care plan and why is there a monthly cost after build? After your site is built, we have to make sure your site stays secure and safe against malware and hacks, so we ask all clients to sign up for a care plan – this covers hosting and software updates and we’ll…

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