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Charmian Clift

Specialist writer for health, science, the environment and the politics and policies that drive them.

Need science, health and well being or environment content? I've been covering these diverse and fascinating fields for major metropolitan newspapers, government, education and business clients for more than 10 years.

My thorough research and depth of understanding enables me to  communicate complex issues quickly and clearly, long or short form, for any audience: from general readership to corporate communications or online sales copy. I know the right questions to ask to the right people, to get to the centre of an issue succinctly.

Simplifying complex science, health and policy issues so they're better understood and more easily adopted, discussed and resolved is the reason I get out of bed.  After engaging me, my clients feel confident, calm and reassured. Their deadline stress is a dim memory. They're excited to start the day, knowing that their copy is being delivered clearly and efficiently so they can concentrate on business, the masthead and sales.

They leave the office earlier to surf, take dance classes or have dinner with friends, not to pickup their laptop after a sad takeaway. They're confident and comfortable their readership is growing, trust in their brand is up, their message is clear and tomorrow will bring more sales, clicks, readers and leads.

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Complex issues simplified!

Get in touch. I'd love to discuss your content needs and how we can work together.


Charmian is the writer I go to when I need strong research and great copy that communicates. Her years of expertise have honed her into a journalist of profound integrity, effortless writing, empassioned research and bias free content.

Simone Editor,
The Monthly

I always use Charmian when I need strong copy that communicates well. She's equally as relaxed in a fast deadline as she is in a long lead thought piece.

Marcus Editor,
The Sunday Magazine

I struggled with getting people to understand why our solar cells were unique and effective but then we got Charmian to write our sales copy.

Orders have gone through the roof and we've been able to increase production by 75%

Caroline Solar-Owner,
Southern Solar Tech


Australian financial review
Sydney Morning Herald
The Age newspaper
The Guardian
New Scientist
National Geographic
SBS broadcaster

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