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Jude Love: why I started journosgetonline

Jude Love Love Communications

I started Journosgetonline to help journalists transition easily from employment to freelance or business owner, grow their client base and build a profitable business.

This is a journey I took around 9 years ago during a Fairfax purge. A photo editor for more than 20 years, in the UK and Australia, I ran the photo desk on Good Weekend until 2010. I loved the camaraderie, the great journalism, the wonderful photographers and photographic material, the talented colleagues on this title. The stresses associated with an intense full time role and young children, seemed worth it within this inclusive and tight knit team and for the stimulation of this engaging environment. Fairfax, more broadly, were supportive of their staff and rigorously championed their role of independent, unflinching news delivery.

We all know how this ends...

Fred took the goldmine, we got the shaft. I watched purge after purge from the sidelines, secure that my essential full time role was unshakeable, but was voted off the Island all the same. My confidence (historically as robust as custard... thanks catholic upbringing) went south fast. I could barely utter 'big girl undies' let alone step into them.

However, life after a strong EBA actually does go on. Particularly with a family. I'd already started teaching myself coding for web design. Having spent day after week, month and year trawling through some retina searing poor user experiences, I knew my skills as photo editor, english graduate and sometimes writer were transferrable. I enjoy making things and web builds seemed an easy next step. Oh the rivers would run with gold and the school pick ups never missed.

Love Communications was formalised. I squirreled away in my home office, sure that next client, the next site would be the breakthrough moment. I reinvented the wheel time and again. I took part time and full time roles on other mags and mastheads, always still working the interstitials left in my day to make Love Comms work. I was (barely) managing an income, not building a business.

Enter Love Communications Phase 2

The wonderful part of being a wordpress web consultant is the community - it was what I was missing pre wordpress, post fairfax - the stimulation of company and shared experience.

The wordpress community are pretty much without d*ckheads, but it wasn't until a wordcamp (wordpress geek fest - seminars, tshirts, too many cordials) in 2016 that this was truly cemented on meeting Troy Dean of WPElevation. He and his partner and team have built an international business  ensuring wordpress consultants are building their business first through processes, programs, support and a helpful neighbourhood where there's always someone to respond when you have a 403 error and a site launch looming, or the perfect comeback to that client who says they can't pay your invoice because they've spent too much on their daughter's 18th birthday party.

Some years on and my processes are tight and I'm putting 'profit first'. Love Communications is still making bespoke sites for clients and supporting their businesses to grow, optimising their marketing so they are in front of clients at the time they're needed. I wish I knew, when starting out, what I know now - that tightening the program, identifying your ideal clients, working on the business not in and have a team to support you, is essential.

This is why I've created journosgetonline.

I want to help people transition more smoothly from employed to freelance or business owner. A website has never been easier to build, but unless you sell your service, promote your value, the results you can give clients, how easy using you will make their life, your website is floating in the great ocean garbage drift.

I want you to flourish in business. I want the web to be a better place. I want you to step into your Superpower P.A.C.E. Profit, Authenticity, Collaboration and Efficiency (more of this later)

Journalists, get online with Journosgetonline.

Want to broaden your client base? Grow your business?

I'd love to talk about how we can get you online. 

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