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Journalists look good online with a photo brief

Humans hire humans.

So, it's important to have a good photograph. Professional photographs are an essential part of your toolkit. A strong, well shot image is useful for your LinkedIn profile, your resume, great for business cards. Including them makes your work stand out from the crowd.

Images needed for the JournosGetOnline sites should, ideally, be taken by a professional. If you don't want to pay for a studio session, perhaps there's a photographer you know, with whom you can set up a contra deal - write them some blog posts or work on their LinkedIn profile in return for some pics.

If you already have a pic you're happy with, we can see if it's suitable for use. If not, take this brief to your favourite photographer.

We can recommend photographers who've worked with us for a great result and a good price.

Our sites follow a format. They're personalised with your content and photos. We're happy to customise with fonts and colourway if you have a preference or a brand need for an alternative.

The Brief:

For use on this site (these images will also be able to be used in social media profiles and business cards):

  • Direct gaze, looking happy and positive.
  • A few options - broad smile and calm direct gaze, but still positive (not grumpy)
  • Natural light is preferable
  • Clean background, please, so we can extend the background if needed - if you're not able to be photo'd against a clean background, please blow out the background so it's more a texture than a defined environment.
  • From hips up, and please include hands in shot (cut off hands are so difficult to deal with)
  • Please also include a head and shoulders option
  • Landscape orientation please.
  • Head room please
  • Save as high quality rgb jpg, 20cm at longest edge

Below are examples of the images we've used in the example sites. Mood is positive and professional. Clothing is a limited colour palette - dark colours work well, against a lighter background. If a dark background please wear light colours. We need to be able to distinguish you from the background.

Please don't wear patterned clothing - plain, block colours is best. They don't date as quickly as a pattern would, and they don't distract - all the viewer sees is you.

Journalists get online with a great about page image

Clean background, head room, direct gaze, positive smile and mood.

Testimonial Credit

A tighter shot, but clean background and plain coloured clothing. Positive smile and direct gaze.

George Johnston travel Journalist

Relaxed and positive expression. There are details in the background, but these can be managed and if necessary, the image can be extended from the right wall.

Journalists get online with testimonial

Positive expression and head tilt adds a human element. Background includes detail, but it's light and clear.

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Want to broaden your client base? Grow your business?

I'd love to talk about how we can get you online. 

Want to broaden your client base? Grow your business?

I'd love to talk about how we can get you online. 

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