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SEO for journalists and content writers – an overview

SEO for journalists and content writers

SEO is a mix of having a site that works well, a great user experience, and strong copy that does incorporate keywords, but more importantly, speaks to the audience it's intended for and best answers the query that user has put into google.

Journalists are best placed for SEO copywriting. You know how to write readable text, that tells a story, is relevant to an audience and gets to the point, making a good user experience.

One of the many elements of the google algorithm is 'dwell time' - this refers to the time a user spends on a site, boosting the value of that site, in google's estimations. Dwell time is also measured in time spent away from google search results - if someone clicks through to a site from SERPS (search engine results pages) then jumps straight back because that site wasn't relevant, google judges that site not relevant for that search query.

For this reason, good writing that delivers information quickly and understands what a business should be ranking for, so they are served well by google search results, is a skill that is immensely valuable for business.

Take a look at the 'ideal client' post to work through the profile for a client:

  • what are their pain points
  • what are their challenges
  • where do they want to be.

This will help you understand what queries and search phrases they will be inputting on search engines.

SEO for journalists and content writers

Write to specific needs, specific long term queries and understand your clients and the clients of the business you're working for to write human friendly, google friendly copy.

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