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Why do I need marketing?

Journalists get online with marketing that stands out

You've got your site, your contact form, your work is great and you're ready to roll but that phone just isn't ringing off the hook. What next?

You need to be found, right at the time clients are looking for what you do. You need marketing that will bring visits to site, and convert them into clients.

John Jantch, in his really great, readable book : Duct Tape marketing, says “Great marketing is getting an audience to find you like you and trust you.” You need to be 'find-able' right at the moment people are looking for your skills and services.

Choosing marketing addons to your plan, you not only get an SEO ready site, we can :

  • set up your google my business account
  • keyworded blog post list and content schedule
  • proposal and pitch templates
  • backlink strategy and request template
  • access to our marketing cheat sheets

We help you market, while you concentrate on what you do well. We'll keep you on track to get traffic to site and to sell your service.

We all know the market is competitive, but good content creation, written well, that speaks to your client's audience is always in demand. These are the talents journalists have in buckets. Strong research, good word craft, the ability to weave a narrative and edit yourself for great readability. Businesses need your skills. You just have to be there when they are looking!

Want to broaden your client base? Grow your business?

I'd love to talk about how we can get you online. 

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