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Why would anyone be interested in ‘My Story’

Journalists get online and tell their story


Journalists are great at telling stories - it's why magazines sell, why the news is broadcast, why Australian story continues to rate so well....

Storytelling engages. If you're in business for yourself, the best way to connect with  an audience is to tell 'your story' - it's what everyone is saying at the moment.

However, there's a caveat: your 'Story' has to be told in a way that is relevant to your clients.

In telling 'my story' it becomes relevant to people when you can speak about how your journey/problem/solution (the elements of a great tale), relates to their story. If in your story they see themselves, their journey, problem, solution your story will engage.


This is journalism 101, but it's also business building 101. My value is that my experience can help you solve ABC by doing XYZ. This is WIFM - 'what's in it for me?'

This helps you turn customers, clients, blog and newsletter readers, who don't know you exist (or the client whose story you are writing) into happy repeat customers who refer you to other people. You've flipped your story to be relevant to them and they've engaged with you.


If I was to describe what I do as: "I get people found online by building a website as a service business', you would probably be scrolling facebook by the time i got to 'online'.

The story behind this is: I used to work for a media organisation. I took redundancy and found myself unemployed in a shrinking media world. I needed to craft a business for myself and teach myself the discipline to do this without an external force such as a team of colleagues working to a print deadline. I have a passion for making things and a curiosity for making the web a better place and for helping business owners flourish. (read more about my experience post Fairfax)

I know there is a talented group of people whose experience has trained them to know better than anyone else, how to communicate an issue, how to sub, how to write well, how to tell a story in a headline, a first sentence, a first paragraph. As media outlets shrink, I know there must be alot of this talent seeking work and income. So, I'd like to marry both of these factors together with what I d:  I help current and recovering journalists become successful business owners by building them a great looking, relevant and engaging online presence so they can  be profitable and efficient, with a predictable stream of work and time and money for rest and relaxation.


I've also built websites for a lot of businesses. I know that content creation is the foundation of a good site and also, that it holds the process up, pretty much 158% of the time. Too often, this renders moot a discussion about strategy for ongoing content. I want to help businesses become better business owners by being able to find and use this talent, to help them convey their message, get online faster and easier,strategise for continued information delivery and customer engagement, sell more services, move their product, be profitable and efficient by having a predictable stream of income and have time and money for rest and relaxation.

I solve problems for journalists because I know what it's like to leave the structure and camaraderie of employment. I solve problems for businesses because I am one and i know what it's like to struggle with the word.



It's difficult to engage with a message until it's clear that it's relevant to your audience. With journosgetonline, I can honestly say I know what you're experiencing, but I've built a successful business and I can help you do it as well.

Want to broaden your client base? Grow your business?

I'd love to talk about how we can get you online. 

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