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Journalists extend your reach with LinkedIn

You're online now and you're working toward stabilising your business. The next step is a consistent sales and prospect funnel.

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking location. Your LinkedIn profile is usually the first result that comes up when you are googled. Your profile needs to establish your expertise so you can reach out to a targetted audience to start conversations that lead to work (yes, this is 'sales', but, without sales, a business has no oxygen) 

Interestingly, alot of people still aren't doing LinkedIn well, so this is where a few tweaks can put your profile in front of the pack. By clearly outlining what you do, you position yourself accurately for people who are looking for your specialist skills and eliminate confusion - the cold shower for sales.

It's easy to do this without being pushy or 'sales*-y'.

First up, ensure your profile is as strong as it can be:

  1. Have a great profile photo, of you looking straight to camera, preferably smiling and being charming and engaging.
    Recommended size: 400px x 400px
    Minimum size: 130px x 130px (but this will look like hell, so don't load such a tiny pic)
  2. Banner or Background image:
    This sits behind your profile pic and should be related to what you most want to be known for:
    Keynote speaker? use a photo of you addressing the audience.
    A travel writer? you in a wonderful destination?
    no such photos? use your logo or just your name and a bullet pointed list of your special skills
    Size: 1584px x 396px
  3. Check your banner image is responsive. On mobile devices, your profile photo sits in the middle of the background image, over any text that's on the banner. Don't include text in this area
  4. 2000 characters:
    You have around a 350-400 word capacity in your profile.
    Give it a walkley worthy headline. Tweak and change and see if any prompt more responses than others.
  5. Your profile targets your ideal client. Talk to themTalk about who you help in your profile - there are millions of formulae out there, but this, taken, tweaked and made your own is a great shortcut:
    I help [target market] solve [specific problem]...
    This gives a clear picture of what you do, instantly. You're speaking directly to your ideal client, and filtering out anyone who's not relevant.
  6. Social proof - give proof of what you do, with testimonials, bullet points, the same consistent messages that you give on your site and in social, so that all digital connection points are telling the same story.
  7. Sell your service: Many of us find this the most difficult aspect, but it's ok to sell your service - you're helping fulfill a need and keeping your business afloat (helping fulfill an even more important need....):
    "If we’re a good fit, let’s have a chat"... "this is me, i’ve helped people do this, if this sounds like you, let’s have a chat" (written in a far more eloquent way, naturally)

Be you. People either need your skills, or they don't. People are either attracted to your profile, or not. We can't serve everyone, nor do we want to. You only want to attract the right people who are a good fit. We all know not all clients are created equal. Some are amazing, profitable, easy to work with. Others are painful, ask for revision after revision, don't pay their bills. Be as you as you can be and attract the people you want. 

Read my ideal client post for more pointers, but then.... go and tweak your LinkedIn profile - tell your story, connect with great clients, be profitable.


Want to broaden your client base? Grow your business?

I'd love to talk about how we can get you online. 

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