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Attracting your best client with your ‘About’ page

Your about page - a template

Your 'About' page pitches to your niche.

Be specific about what you do, who you do it for, what change you make in your clients' lives and why you do it means that every time you pitch, you'll be talking directly to your best clients and establishing your authority and expertise in that niche.

Specify and simplify to speak to your clients:

Write your about page to cover the following:

  1. Who you work with:Who are your clients? Newspapers and media outlets only? Advertorial clients in the health food industry? Startups? Women-led businesses? The Green Energy sector? Financial Institutions?
    Be as clear and specific about your client as you can be. For me, this is: "I work with journalists transitioning from employment to freelance writing to build a strong business mindset, predictable income, a lucrative client base and good processes."
  2. What do your clients get when they work with you?The pieces you're writing may be Budget overviews or well-researched article about the affordability of an effective immunotherapy, but what you want to convey is that using your skills will result in a better feeling for your client - to feel confident they're getting impeccable copy that will keep readers interested, boost their trust value and readership and sell more units. If you're writing marketing copy, you're not just writing product descriptions, emails or social media, you're delivering a feeling for your client that they're more in control; that employing you will result in more audience, improve the status of their business, build better relationships and partner opportunities, grow sales, become a market leader, feel less overwhelmed - this 'feeling' is the driving factor, not word count.
    Simplify and specify to show the transformation you bring to people's lives when they work with you.
  3. What are your clients' problems and pain points? Write about this and show you know your client and you know how to deliver solutions.Convey that you're the course correction. Clients who don't use you are: overwhelmed, frustrated at having to spend family time working, struggling with feast or famine, feel lost or burnt out, think they need to take on any work so can't afford to qualify clients, don't have time for what matters, are mistaking 'busy' for 'productive'.
    You're lightening your client's load. Finding a great writer reflects well on the commissioning editor, helps a business communicate well, clarify their message and helps take the burden of doing everything as well as all of the copy for clients, so they can do the job of running the business.
  4. Why do you do what you do?I built 'journosgetonline' because I want journalists to be as good at running a business as they are at writing. I want them to feel confident that their client base is growing at a rate they are controlling, that they can choose who they work for, that they have time for leisure, creativity, family and friends. I do this because I transitioned out of the media into running a thriving business and I know it's not only possible, it's exciting and rewarding.

    Tell why you do what you do and be specific about this and about all of the above.

Businesses who are specific are confident, deliver efficiently and well to great clients. They establish their expertise and become the go to person for that niche. Know your clients problems, talk about these on your about page, elaborate on them in your blog posts and social media and become the solution for those problems.





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